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Here’s Why You Should Love Cats

Here’s Why You Should Love Cats [Infographic]


For cat owners, they know that cats provide a certain happiness that other pets don’t give. Despite being an obnoxious, diva-like pet, cats have an irresistible charm that warms our hearts and brightens our days. But what exactly makes them adorable and lovable animals?

According to Psychology Today, cats have an immeasurable capacity to get the affection they want from humans. It’s a rare quality that a lot of cat lovers can develop well. When these beautiful creatures go our way, we (unconsciously) tend to stroke or touch them without minding whether it’s safe or not.

Because of their feral nature, there are cases when our advances are unwelcome, resulting in defensive attacks like scratches and bites. However, once they get used to our presence, cats begin to show their attachment by purring or rolling their bodies to our legs whenever they feel like it.

Cats want to feel that they are loved, and they give back their affection without remorse or conditions. It’s one of the best reasons why we should love cats.

Aside from being lovey-dovey creatures, one good reason to love cats is that they know how to keep us entertained. A ball, piece of string, or a broom can make them goofy; we don’t even have to spend so much on cat toys. And they don’t consume a lot of space, which makes them perfect pets if you live in a small abode.

Do you need more reasons to love cats? Well, the good news is that there are many great reasons to love them and this infographic by Purring Pal will show you.



Here's Why You Should Love Cats

Here’s Why You Should Love Cats

      Infographic provided by Purring Pal