Ojos Azules Cat Breed: A Complete Guide


The Ojos Azules cat breed, meaning “blue eyes” in Spanish, is notable for its striking deep blue eyes set against a variety of coat colors. Discovered in New Mexico in 1984, this rare breed offers a unique aesthetic appeal and an intriguing genetic history.

General Description

Ojos Azules cats typically exhibit medium-sized builds with white patches, particularly on the feet and tail-tip, attributed to the blue-eye gene. These cats stand out due to their intense blue eyes, which contrast vividly with their fur, making them a rare and visually appealing breed.

History and Origin

The breed’s history began with a tortoiseshell female named Cornflower, identified in a feral colony in New Mexico. Breeding Cornflower with unrelated males produced kittens with the same blue eyes, establishing the trait as dominant. Despite their allure, Ojos Azules remain rare, with only ten known cats by 1992. Recognized by TICA in 1991, the breed is still under development and monitoring for health and genetic stability.

Genetic Traits and Health Concerns

The blue-eye gene in Ojos Azules is unique, not linked to specific fur colors or patterns. However, breeding challenges have arisen, including cranial deformities and stillbirths when the gene is homozygous. Consequently, breeders cross blue-eyed cats with non-blue-eyed cats to maintain health and reduce genetic defects.

Distinguishing Features

Ojos Azules cats are distinguished by their deep blue eyes, which do not cause squinting, deafness, or cross-eye conditions seen in other blue-eyed breeds like Siamese. This feature allows for a broader range of coat colors while maintaining the striking blue eyes. A notable characteristic of the breed is a flattened tail-tip, often indicating the presence of the blue-eye gene.

Current Status and Breeding Programs

Breeding programs focus on preserving the blue-eye trait while avoiding health issues. Genetic research by Solveig Pflueger has enabled controlled breeding, aiming to eliminate lethal genetic defects. Despite these efforts, the breed remains rare, and breeders must carefully manage gene combinations to ensure healthy litters.

Appearance and Personality

Ojos Azules cats have short to long hair varieties, with a standard that emphasizes their blue eyes. They are affectionate, intelligent, and playful, making them excellent companions. Their rarity and unique appearance add to their desirability among cat enthusiasts.


The Ojos Azules breed, with its captivating blue eyes and rare status, continues to intrigue cat lovers and genetic researchers. Ongoing breeding efforts aim to maintain the breed’s health while preserving its unique aesthetic traits, ensuring the Ojos Azules remains a fascinating and cherished breed.

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By addressing both the historical context and genetic aspects, this comprehensive guide offers a thorough understanding of the Ojos Azules cat breed, making it an invaluable resource for cat enthusiasts and breeders alike.

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