Scottish Straight Cat Breed: A Comprehensive Guide


The Scottish Straight cat breed is part of the Scottish Breed Group, which includes the Scottish Fold (both longhair and shorthair) and the Scottish Straight (both longhair and shorthair). These cats can be born in the same litter and share many physical and personality traits, except for the ear shape. Scottish Straights have upright ears, while Scottish Folds have distinctive folded ears.

History of the Scottish Straight Cat

The Scottish Fold and Straight cats have a unique origin. In 1961, a Scottish shepherd named William Ross discovered a barn cat named Susie with folded ears. Susie, a longhaired white cat, became the foundation of the Scottish Fold breed. To develop the breed, Susie was bred with various other breeds such as Persians, American Shorthairs, Exotic Shorthairs, and Burmese cats. This genetic diversity helped establish the round-faced, sweet-natured cats we know today. Every Scottish Fold and Straight cat can trace its ancestry back to Susie.

Physical Characteristics

Scottish Straights and Folds share a similar appearance, except for their ears. These cats have round faces, large, round eyes, and a medium-sized, sturdy body. Their eyes can come in various colors, with copper being the most common. Scottish Straights are born with straight ears, and about 50% of a litter will have folded ears if they carry the gene for it.

Scottish Straights come in all colors and patterns, with both long and short hair varieties available. Their thick, plush fur adds to their overall round and cuddly appearance.

Personality and Temperament

Scottish Straights are known for their intelligence and curiosity. They are loyal and tend to stay close to their family, often following their owners from room to room. Unlike some other breeds, Scottish Straights prefer to keep all four paws on the ground, making them less inclined to be carried around.

These cats can be trained to perform tricks, such as opening cabinet doors or playing fetch. They are also known to enjoy drinking from running water and using their paws to eat and drink. One of their endearing traits is sitting up like a prairie dog when they hear something, a posture often referred to as the “Buddha sit.”

Health and Care

Scottish Straights are generally healthy cats, but potential owners should be aware of certain genetic conditions that can affect the breed. It’s essential to choose a reputable breeder who tests their cats for common health issues, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

Regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, and proper grooming are crucial for maintaining their health. Longhaired Scottish Straights require more frequent grooming to prevent matting, while shorthaired varieties need regular brushing to keep their coat in good condition.

Living Environment and Compatibility

Scottish Straights adapt well to various living environments, from apartments to larger homes. They are known for their laid-back and quiet nature, making them excellent companions for families with children and other pets. Proper introductions are essential to ensure a harmonious relationship between the Scottish Straight and other household animals.

Fun Facts About Scottish Straights

  • Folded Ears: All Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears. The ears start to fold at around 18 to 24 days old if they carry the gene.
  • Ancestors: Every Scottish Fold and Straight alive today can trace their lineage back to Susie, the original barn cat with folded ears.
  • “Four on the Floor”: This breed prefers to stay grounded and is not particularly fond of being carried around.


The Scottish Straight cat breed is a delightful addition to any family. Their affectionate nature, combined with their unique appearance and playful personality, makes them a favorite among cat enthusiasts. By choosing a healthy kitten from a reputable breeder and providing proper care, you can enjoy the companionship of a Scottish Straight for many years to come.

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