Scottish Straight Cat Breed

General Description and History

The Scottish Breed Group is made up of four breeds: The Scottish Foldlonghair and shorthair and the Scottish Straightlonghair and shorthair. These can all be born in the same litter as one another and are identical except that the ears of the Scottish Straight are normal, upright ears and the Scottish Fold ears are folded forward and down. Both Scottish Folds and Scottish Straights have the same structural features and personalities.

The unique folded ears and large expressive eyes of the Scottish Fold give it a look reminiscent of an owl. The small, tightly folded ears fit closely to the skull resulting in a cap-like appearance. Big, round shoe-button eyes open up the face in the rounded head giving a super sweet expression. A sturdy body is covered with padding resulting in a solid feel to this medium-sized cat. The folded ear is a spontaneous mutation and comes from an incomplete dominant gene that results in approximately 50% of the litter having the folded ears and 50% being straight (normal) eared.

The first Scottish Fold, found in 1961 by shepherd William Ross, was a barn cat named Susie who lived in Scotland. Folds have since developed into a round and beautiful family lap cat with wonderful temperaments. Susie was a solid white longhaired female and the cat fanciers bred her to various breeds like Persians, American Shorthairs, Exotic Shorthairs and even Burmese to achieve the round sweet look of the Scottish Folds we have grown to love today. Every Scottish Fold alive today can trace his or her ancestry back to the original Susie. Today TICA Scottish Fold breeders are allowed to use Scottish Straights (the straight eared siblings of Scottish Folds) the British Shorthair and the American Shorthair in their breeding programs.

Scottish Straight


Scottish Folds and Scottish Straights cat breed are intelligent, inquisitive, and are loyal to their family. They tend not to hide around the house or be shy, but rather they will always be around, even following you from room to room. Most tend to be one of the breeds that breeders and judges refer to as “four on the floor” kitties as they prefer to be close to you but with all four feet on something firm and without being picked up and carried around. Some learn cute antics like how to open cabinet doors and take a look inside and they can even be trained to play fetch. Most love to drink from running water, and some eat and drink with their paws. Most folded eared cats in this breed group sit up like prairie dogs to have a look around when they hear something. One of the cutest things is to see a Fold sitting up, relaxing like a human which many Fold breeders refer to as “the Buddha sit”…they look like they need a remote control and a lounge chair! This breed tends to be somewhat laid back and quiet and they get along well with both children and, once properly introduced, other family pets as well. Scottish Folds/Straights today are carefully bred by experienced breeders to produce healthy happy kittens for you to enjoy for a lifetime.


Scottish Folds and Scottish  Straights cat breed come in all colors and patterns as well as long hair and short hair varieties. All eye colors can be found, but copper eyes are the most common color. Scottish Folds/Straights have round faces, round eyes and round bodies. They are a medium sized cat with medium boning. What makes the Fold so very unique are those cute little folded ears that fold forward and tightly enough to fit the cap of their heads so as to look like an owl from a distance. Did you know that all Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears? Yes, they look like every other newborn kitten, until between 18 and 24 days their ears fold but only if they carry the gene that causes the fold in the ears. Normally 50% of the litter will fold and the rest are what we call Scottish Straights who are in every respect just as wonderfully sweet!

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